Swift Technology CSR
Corporate Social Responsibility

Swift Technology’s Recycling Initiatives

Swift Technology has a carbon neutral and zero waste vision and our organization have been using Doko Recyclers since 2018 to manage its recyclable waste. We request our employees and suppliers to grow at least 10 trees every year and recycle your waste!

To achieve the Zero Waste vision, Swift Technology motivates its employees and partners to follow the “Go Green” practice. The aim is to conquer a better environment and welfare of society. Swift Technology ensures disposal of any of its office wastes is done through proper segregation of recyclable and non-recyclable wastes. The company also assure to eliminate the paper and non-paper wastes through its optimum use whenever required. Employees at Swift Technology ensure to store files digitally, edit files before final printing, circulate files among colleagues, and participate in environmental campaigns. Likewise, management ensures to invest in durable high-quality equipment, encourage vendors, suppliers for eco-friendly packaging.

Most of the corporate houses are implementing the “Go Green” practice, as a part of their environmental and social responsibility. Corporate houses, small-sized businesses, manufacturing industries, households, and individuals these days follow the momentum focused on waste prevention. Managed disposals, proper waste segregation, reuse, and recycle practices are the utmost steps for an environment-friendly society and economy.

Swift Technology acknowledges social enterprises like Doko Recyclers, who envision to support Green Economy.

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