Social Service Month Warm Clothes Warm Heart Campaign
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Social Service Month: Warm Clothes | Warm Heart Campaign

Swift technology and IME Foundation have arranged to distribute the clothes to needy people around a few places of Nepal and declared this month as the Social Service Month with Warm Clothes | Warm Heart Campaign; CSR Initiative of IME Group.

The coldest seasons of the year refer to the month of December to February. Everyone deserves warm clothes. Clothes are one of the basic needs of any individual, many people are suffering and struggling due to inadequate clothing. Many people even have to lose their lives in this cold weather, well we know the reasons. Keeping that in mind, Swift Technology and IME Foundation have taken a step forward, looking into the current situation of people living beyond the poverty line.

Swift believes that no person should be destitute of basic needs for living and hence one should not suffer because of lack of warm clothes. We may not be able to be for every needy, but help will definitely make a difference; at least a few may have warm clothes. Social Service Month with Warm Clothes | Warm Heart Campaign will continue in the coming months as well.

Social Service Month with Warm Clothes Distribution Campaign aims to hold collection and distribution drives for the employee to donate their unwanted household and pre-loved apparel. We collected packages from different departments and we sent them for distribution.  The targeted areas of distribution inside Kathmandu Valley were Pashupatinath Temple, Ratnapark,  Thamel, Basantapur, and Swayambhunath.

Beginning from 2nd January 2022, We collected and distributed some packages among poverty-stricken people who were sleeping helplessly on the streets near Pashupatinath Temple.

One of the employees of Swift Technologies, Mr. Bikash Regmi mentioned that there are thousands of such needy people on the road of Kathmandu who starves and suffers from cold every winter season.

The other phase of dispersal of the collected packages to the needy was organized on 4 Jan 2022 – 5 Jan 2022 at Basantapur Durbar Square and Swayambhunath Temple to the local people around the areas. The contentment seen on the faces of children was heartwarming to the helping hands. 

In this campaign, we supported more than 100 families and Swift Family believes that “No one has ever become poor by giving”; we strive to organize such events often in the future.

The IME Foundation expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the staff of Swift Technology and the group for their spontaneous participation in the social and philanthropic activities run by the IME Foundation.

The packages that we distributed are in the right place now. We are happy to see the smile on needy people’s faces.

We believe “Together We Can, Together We Will.”

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