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eSIM-Everything you need to know about.

eSIM is a new type of SIM card that is designed to work with its compatible devices. Unlike traditional SIM cards, which are physical cards that must be inserted into a device, this is a digital card that is stored on your device.

What is eSIM?

The eSIM, as its name indicates, is an electronic SIM card intended to take the role of the traditional SIM card. These days, the majority of smartphones use a real SIM card. A virtual embedded system that can’t be uninstalled is known as an eSIM.

This is integrated into the main board of the phone, as the word “embedded” in the name indicates. Similar to an NFC chip, it is rewritable and will function with all the major carriers, no matter what kind of network they employ.

ESIMs are becoming increasingly popular as more and more devices are released with their compatibility. They offer a number of advantages over traditional SIM cards, including the ability to switch between carriers without having to physically swap out SIM cards, and the ability to use multiple phone numbers on a single device.

If you’re thinking about switching, or if you’re already using one, here’s everything you need to know about them.

Benefits of eSIM

  • Switching network operators is simpler
  • Has dual-SIM connection support
  • More compact than conventional SIM cards
  • Is more secure than physical SIMs
  • Are less likely to be lost or stolen

eSIM’s drawbacks include:

  • It takes time to switch between devices.
  • May be somewhat simpler to track.
  • IT can be more expensive than physical SIM cards.

Compatible devices

The majority of high-end smartphones, including those from Samsung (Galaxy S, Note, and Z series), Apple, Huawei (P, Mate series), and Google, support eSIM. It’s even present on certain high-end smartwatches from brands. The most recent smartwatches from Samsung and Apple that enable eSIM are Galaxy Watch 5 Series and Watch Series 8, respectively.

Simcard Implementation

The first carrier in Nepal to support eSIM connections is Nepal Telecom. The telecom provider set aside money for the initiative in the 2078–2079 fiscal year in order to roll out its own eSIM platform. In a similar vein, NTC and Monty UK Global Limited signed a contract in April 2022 to supply the business with an eSIM platform.

eSIM details

This makes it clear that the NTC’s eSIM platform will continue to rely on a third-party solution. Whatever the case may be, it is currently accessible in Nepal as of Bhadra 31, 2079. (September 16, 2022). Additionally, NTC aspires to provide around 150,000 eSIMs to Nepal in the first year. On the initial day, the business only authorized 50 units for distribution, and that too from a single branch office (Sundhara). Although you can now get simcard from Nepal Telecom operators inside valley.

How can I tell whether my phone accepts this?

Okay, so it’s important to know whether or not your smartphone supports before you stand in line to switch. According to the usual rule of thumb, sim functionality may be available in relatively recent flagship phones or tablets. To be really certain, though, just dial “*#06#.”

You should see an EID (Embedded Identification Document) value appear next to the IMEI numbers if your device is truly compliant. Additionally, you can get this information under the Settings’ “Status Information” section (which may go by a different name depending on the manufacturer of your phone). To find out if the phone supports SIM, you may go visit its product website.

How to get SIM in Nepal?

For a FREE upgrade, any current NTC prepaid and postpaid subscribers are eligible. For Rs. 500, Nepal Telecom is also providing a new postpaid number in the form, and the business promises that this service will also soon be offered for prepaid plans.

To obtain, however, you must go to any of the Nepal Telecom branch offices listed below as of the time this article was written:

LocationContact number
Bhaktapur01-6622066 / 01-6618852
Chabahil01-4479200 / 01-5903390
Naxal01-4430660 / 01-4416666
Sundhara01-5340065 / 01-5909866
Thimi01-6632600 / 01-6632700

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