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Swift Technology: The Coolest Workplace in Nepal

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do- Steve Jobs”

How is it a coolest workplace?

Swift Technology is not like other offices, which might be yet gloomy and tedious. We understand the attitude required to unlock employees’ untapped potential.

We require knowledgeable, imaginative professionals that are willing to put in long hours and dedicated to their work. Swift Technology strives to be the coolest place to work in Nepal.

There are many different ways to make an office a cool workplace. “Feel like the home” environment.

At Swift, we acquire everyone as a family; Swift Family to be precise. We understand resuming office after an enjoyable weekend is painful, we all know the pain. Even here at Swift Technology, our employees don’t wait for Saturdays and Sundays for holidays or days off.

They enjoy their work without caring about overtime, and their allotted office time. Swift has gone out of its way to look after the comfort of its workforce. From a relaxed weekend to numerous perks of working, Swift knows how to pamper its employees.

Monthly Refreshment Program

Our CEO Raghu Nath Bhandari came up with a wonderful concept of the Monthly Refreshment Program, that allows staff to do something different from their normal work routine because he knows the pain of working as an employee; the monotonous work life like others. As result to avoid burnout, Swift provides employees with two official days off. Employees can unwind, and recharge their batteries. Happiness at the workplace is far from a myth.

We organize Monthly refreshment programs that included Archery, Wall climbing, and many other activities; to keep our employees away from stress and workloads, we are planing different other activities in the coming days.

According to our HR “The key to recruiting and retaining good employees is recognizing their performances and engaging them in a culture that promotes a positive work environment”. She believes Monthly Refreshment Programs help to get refreshed employees; with perfect Work-Life Balance.

According to our Admin “With strong management, the war for the coolest workplace is even tougher, the key for retaining good employees is as challenging as any other work”. She is constantly working for good management and for a positive work environment.

Our company is slowly going back to pre-pandemic normal. It can be overwhelming to ensure your employees are safe and supported with the resources they need. Thankfully we can help employees ease back into office life with a safe and secured environment. We continue to hold virtual meetings with customers, and some of our employees continue to work from home.

We see a smile on everyone’s face, giggling around, greeting each other, cherishing new ideas, helping each other, which marks Swift Technology as the Coolest workplace.

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