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SMS – Evolution from the past 32 years

Marketing using a customer’s smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device is referred to as SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing. Firstly, It is the perfect medium for sending recipients personalized promotional materials that are timely and relevant to their location.

Although, as of 2022, SMS marketing is the go-to first investment for companies and other organizations that want to have meaningful interactions with customers. It has completely changed how we communicate and how marketers interact with customers.  

Despite the fact that texting is widely used now, when it was first developed 32 years ago, it was a groundbreaking technique. Over time, straightforwardly it has developed, altering how people and companies interact. However, there are many uses for texting, from marketing to private messaging.

We are rapidly transitioning to a mobile-first society. According to a Deloitte report, 85% of persons have access to cell phones. As more businesses try to reach consumers who are on the go, also it is becoming a more crucial component of successful multi-channel marketing.

Comparatively, an Illustration of the evolution of text messages in the infographic below:

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