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How to overcome laziness.

We often think about how to overcome laziness? Laziness, we everyone is associated with this specific word. Being lazy is inbuilt in our system, is it? do you also feel lazy? then this blog is for you.

Laziness is a learned behavior. Laziness can be caused by a lack of understanding of the task at hand, procrastination, feeling too comfortable to finish the job, and a lack of motivation to begin.

We often hear this ” अल्छि\ लग्यो, आज म ओफ्फिस जान्न, आज बिदा भैदिए हुन्थियो, ५ मिनेट मा गर्छु काम अब, हया! म पछि गर्छु ” does these statement reflect you? question yourself. Lets find out how to overcome Laziness.

Whatever the reason might be, if laziness intrudes on your daily work output or makes you unconcerned about your duty, it’s going to cost you a lot, trust me. The only solution is to learn how to overcome laziness so that you can become more productive and achieve your goals faster.

First of all, we need to understand the types of Laziness.

The Types

  1. Confusion: “I don’t know what to do” situation.
  2. Regret: “It’s too late” situation
  3. Accepting Identity: “I’m just a lazy person” situation.
  4. Fixed Mindset: “I’m afraid I’ll fail or look stupid” situation.
  5. Lethargy: “Today I’m too tired. I don’t have the energy” situation.
  6. Neurotic Fear: “I just cant” situation
  7. Apathy: ” I just don’t care about anything” situation
  8. Procrastination: “I will finish it after an hour” situation

Now you know which type of lazy person you are now. Let’s get started with the solutions.

I felt lazy to write the solution.

The Solution

  1. Positive Self Talk: Thinking, “God, I’m feeling so lazy. I will not be able to complete it. I will start it tomorrow” isn’t going to get you anywhere. So stop it. As a famous saying goes, “what you think you become.”
    So next time before you think this, just talk to yourself and set priorities. You know what is important to you.
    Encourage yourself. You see, talking positively can bring you a drastic change in life, you’re an inspiration for yourself. Your achievement will benefit you. If you want to achieve something in life, then you need to work for it. Wasting time being lazy is not going to help you.
  2. Sleeping: This word is a symbol of laziness, but it matters a lot when you miss a very productive day. Sleeping patterns can directly hamper your work, and the solution you know very well. don’t you?
  3. Daily To-do List: Trust me this is the most effective solution for your laziness. You need not to do much hard work if everything is organized. You see our mother, they can do everything at our house. We can learn from them, how organized they are.
    Always start with the most difficult task early in the morning when you are fresh and full of energy, so that you have simpler work in the evening when we mostly feel lazy.
  4. Your Friends: I don’t want to sound like your mom, but choose your friends wisely. Laziness is contagious. If the people you hang out with are generally a bit lazy about work and goals, then it’s easier for you to just adapt to that mood and way of thinking. It’s better to have a company that inspires you to achieve your goal without wasting time overcoming laziness.

“Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction”. So it’s best to overcome laziness when you can achieve so much just by being active.

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