Rewards/Loyalty Platform

Rewards is a loyalty management platform that maintains customer records of partner companies centrally, and manages their reward points.

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  • Multi Partners and Merchants Management

    Capable to integrate and manage relationships with multiple external partners and merchants. It involves collaborating with various businesses, financial institutions, service providers, and other entities to offer a wide range of services within the digital wallet ecosystem.

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  • Central Allocation of Reward Points from all Partner

    Accumulates reward points when customers make purchases, perform transactions, or engage with partner merchants within the digital wallet platform. Reward points balance from all partner merchants will be displayed as a single centralized reward within the digital wallet app.

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  • Central KYC of Customers

    Digital Wallet provides a centralized system for verifying and maintaining the identity and relevant information of customers using the digital wallet platform.

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Reward points can then be redeemed for various rewards or benefits.

Multiple Business Association

Customers can have just a single, unified wallet or loyalty account that they can use across all the participating businesses which can help them accumulate rewards points from various merchants within the coalition.

Customer Identification and Transaction History

Each customer is assigned a unique identifier, often linked to their account or mobile device, which is used to track their activities and transactions within the rewards system.

Customer Loyalty Management

The digital wallet is linked to the customer's loyalty account. This integration allows for seamless tracking of reward points and ensures that points earned through the digital wallet are credited to the customer's overall loyalty account for seamless tracking.

Cross Sales

The digital wallet provides a mechanism for customers to view their accumulated reward points collected from different sellers and redeem them for rewards, discounts, or offers.

Merchant Marketplace

Acts as an intermediary, facilitating transactions and providing a unified shopping experience from multiple merchants.