Cross Border Remittance Solution

Fast Remittance is an innovative Remittance software developed by young Nepali Engineers to enable the digital channel for customers to access Remittance Software and services that addresses consumer’s remittance needs on a real-time basis using digital channels. Adhering to the emerging needs, Swift Technology focused on providing a solid solution to the customers with an innovative digitized money transfer solution.
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Remittance System Key Features

All the configurations are done from the backend web application system which allows operation users to
manage all configurations and make the right decisions.

Fee and Commission

Admin users can setup the service charge and commission for individual partners and country. The setups can also be customized and modified.

FX Rate Setup

There is a feature of FX rate setup based on agents’ country and base currency.

Agent Credit Margin

There is flexibility to set the different credit margins for each partner associated with the system.

Credit Management System

Credit Risk Management is responsible for the operation of remittance transactions in credit.

Treasury Module

Based on the exchange rate and currency used by the partner, exchange treasury setup can be done considering the margin.

Send/Pay Cash payment

There is a feature to send and receive cash transactions using different channels: web and mobile application for customers and API for partners.

Send/Pay Bank & Wallet Deposit

This feature permits the users to send and receive bank and wallet transactions using different channels: web and mobile applications for customers and API for partners.

Scheme/Reward Management

Feature to setup scheme and reward is also available based on the reward points collected while performing a transaction.

SMS/Email Notification System

SMS/ Email notification can also be sent to both sender and beneficiary. Every transfer is notified to the sender and beneficiary.


The rate and settlement of transactions are handled by the service charge, treasury setup is done in back-office system.

Cancel/Modify Request

User/ Customer can modify and cancel the transaction until and unless a transaction is not in the paid state.

Block/Cancel Transaction

TOnce a transaction is created in the system from various channels web, mobile and API, the transaction can be blocked or canceled.

User Monitoring System

User with the admin role can monitor the users currently using the system.

Credit Management System

Credit Risk Management is responsible for the operation of remittance transactions in credit.

Fund Settlement System

Fund settlement is done between the partners based on successful send and paid transactions. The remit system has required modules needed for fund settlement.

Compliance Rule Management

Admin users can setup the various compliance rules considering the criticality during the transaction process.

Certification System for each user

Our core system is can be operated only when user is digitally certified. The system cannot be operated if DC is not installed in the PC of the user.

Trouble Tickets Management

Any User can create trouble tickets faced during the transaction process.

System Health Monitoring

For the smooth functioning of the system, there is an added feature for the overall system performance monitoring that allows the admin users to gain control over any mishaps in the system.

OFAC/UNHCR/Acuity Data Validation and Approval Process

There is a validation of data from various data sources to track the suspicious user and the transaction. This way admin users can gain control over any counterfeits.

Manual Customer Blacklist

Admin users can manually blacklist the suspicious name used in the transaction send and pay process. Complied with the AML policy, the system secures from any frauds.

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