Loan Management Platform

The LMS (Loan Management System) offers features such as building digital loan products, offering them through digital channels, calculating loan details (interests, EMIs, penalties, service fees), and facilitating loan disbursement and automated recovery from designated bank accounts and comprehensive reporting.

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  • Power of Core Banking System

    The Loan Management Platform is powered by an industry-standard Core Banking System providing capability of complete loan lifecycle management.

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  • Multiple Loan Products

    Multiple loan products can be setup and offered to customers through this platform.

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  • Smooth Integration with Loan Originating Systems

    Be it mobile app or web, the loan management platform can be easily integrated with loan originating systems of the clients.

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Key Features

Smart Loan as cental loan management system

Loan booking and complete loan management

Smart loans offer a fully digital application process, allowing borrowers to apply for loans online through a website or mobile app.

Interest Related all calculations

Smart Loan takes into account the unique financial profile of each borrower to offer personalized interest rates and collects real-time updates on their loan's interest.

Partner user and role management

Our Partner User and Role Management system allow administrators within partner organizations to create custom roles tailored to their specific needs. Administrators can define role permissions, ensuring that each user has access only to the functionalities required for their responsibilities.

Partner bank account management

Includes a comprehensive Partner Bank Account Management feature that offers financial institutions and lending partners a seamless and secure way to manage their bank accounts within the platform. This feature simplifies the loan disbursement and repayment process, streamlines fund transfers, and ensures efficient financial transactions.

Multipal product and configuration setup

The unique advantage of Multiple Product and Configuration Setup, allowing financial institutions and lending partners to create a diverse range of loan products with customized parameters and features.

Report management information system

Provides comprehensive data insights, real-time analytics, and streamlined reporting capabilities. This feature allows lenders to make data-driven decisions, gain valuable business insights, and optimize their loan operations effectively.