Digital Banking Suite

Fastbank is a comprehensive Omnichannel Digital Banking Solution Developed by Swift Technology to provide a new level of digital banking experience. The term 'Fastbank' refers to our product that addresses the customer’s banking needs on a real-time basis using various digital channels.

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  • Accounts

    Account Details, View Bank Statement, Request E-Statement, Show/Hide Accounts on Dashboard, Manage Other Linked Accounts

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  • Fund Transfers

    Transfer to Own Account, Transfer to Inter/Intra Bank, Transfer via Alias / Mobile Number / Account Number, Schedule Payments (One time or Recurring), Limits & Threshold

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  • Payments

    Pay Biller, Manage Bill Payees, Schedule Payments (One time or Recurring), QR Payments

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Frictionless Omini channel banking experience, easy adoption

Deliver Outstanding Customer Journeys

Delight customers with our native mobile app, offering fast, reliable, and high-quality user journeys. Enjoy a consistent interface, adaptable to any screen, with features such as biometric authentication, personalized dashboards, and real-time notifications for a frictionless banking experience.

World-Class Security

Our solution ensures security and compliance with industry standards. With measures like Secure Customer Authentication (SCA), role-based access controls, and comprehensive security protocols, we prioritize the safety of your customer journey.

Capitalize Market Opportunities

SWIFT Retail Banking Suite solution provides a strong foundation for rapid innovation. With a wide range of features, you gain an immediate advantage and can customize the solution to meet evolving business needs. Our ready-to-deploy 'bank-in-a-box' solution covers all essential banking services, ensuring a seam less launch with minimal upfront investment in time and resources.