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The new era of broadcasting; it’s powered by NVIDIA

Broadcasting today is not a big hassle in this digital world. We are talking about the new era of broadcasting, and it’s powered by NVIDIA.

AI Elevates the Broadcast Industry

Technologies powered by AI are improving the experience of creating, distributing, and consuming information. Broadcasters may use AI to increase productivity and efficiency by automating tedious operations, gaining deeper insights into programming and audience, and using sophisticated features like recommender systems.

AutomaticTV, developed by NVIDIA partner MEDIAPRO Group, can handle four 4K cameras at 60 frames per second in real-time. With the use of NVIDIA RTX GPUs and faster computation, it’s AI algorithms automatically pick which image to extract to capture the action on the field.

NVIDIA Broadcast

Any environment can become a home studio thanks to the NVIDIA Broadcast software. AI-enhanced speech and video will help you take your live streams, voice chats, and video conferences to the next level. Download:

Make use of the outstanding performance of NVIDIA® RTX GPUs to experience what the Broadcasting app can achieve for you.


1. Removal of noise and echoes

Working at a loud keyboard, annoying static on the microphone, annoying PC fans, annoying reverb in the background? AI is used in Noise Removal and Room Echo Removal to instantly remove annoying background noise.

NVIDIA Broadcast App helps to eliminate unwanted annoying background noise

Without worrying about finding a peaceful area, participate in a live event or a virtual meeting. Or muffle speakers to make them easier to comprehend in noisy settings. It is quick and simple using NVIDIA Broadcast. To see the demo click on the video below.

2. A customized virtual background

Before, changing backgrounds was a lot of editing, but now with NVIDIA, Instant access to creative control is available now. In addition, you can modify your backgrounds with background removal, replacement, and blur without using expensive equipment or complex lighting settings. Certainly, Wherever you are, customize your webcam stream with potent AI greenscreen effects that are ideal for business and entertainment. 

3. Auto Frame

App, camera, and lights. Use Auto Frame to automatically crop and zoom while tracking your motions in real time, ensuring that you are always the center of attention.

Video Noise Removal

No light? No problem. Although, NVIDIA Broadcast helps to improve the clarity of your webcam’s image by eliminating the visual noise that is prevalent in low-light conditions.

NVIDIA Broadcast empowers creators by enhancing their devices with AI. Noise and Background Removal are incredibly useful effects made possible without complicated hardware.

— Ashray Urs, Streamlabs

System Requirements and Specs

GPUNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, Quadro RTX 3000, TITAN RTX, or higher
RAM8GB RAM or higher
CPURecommended: Intel Core i5 8600, AMD Ryzen r5 2600 or higher
DriverNVIDIA Studio Driver 471.11, Game Ready Driver 465.89, NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Driver 471.68, and above
InternetInternet connectivity during installation
PlatformWindows 10 64-bit

Above all the specifications, you can easily find those in your regular market for the graphics card.

A Stream Come True

This is a massive leap forward for OBS and [NVIDIA] and will make getting into professional-quality streaming even easier as you won’t need to purchase multiple computers or worry about setting up advanced audio hardware to get things running smoothly.

— Shack News

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