Straight from the VP-Tech of IME Group

VP-Tech of IME Group, Mr. Raghu Nath Bhandari says program like Winter Code Camp should be done frequently for students to encourage young graduates.

Recently, Winter Intake-Code Camp 2022 was organized with an aim to create a bridge between the industry and the academy and to seek new talents across different technologies by providing extensive experience and exposure to enhance knowledge and skills. More than 400 students had registered for this Intake program where 150+ participated and 80+ got the opportunity to enroll in the intake session.

Straight from VP-Technology of IME Group

According to Mr.Raghu Nath Bhandari, VP-Tech (IME group); the Winter Intake Code Camp was organized to identify new talents and create employment opportunities. This program brings students from over 40 colleges across Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur districts. So, he believes that foreign employment is not the only option for young and talented youth.

Together we can create our own eco-system for skilled employees here in Nepal.

In addition, he asked everyone present at the closing ceremony of the WICC program, “How many of the participants wanted to go to a foreign country for employment?”. Most importantly and surprisingly no one raised their hand. He believes this was proof of a successful program. Today’s rapid pace of technology can only be shaped by the youth. In conclusion, The Youth are the future of Digital Nepal.

According to Mr.Bhandari, Nepal lacks a pool of skilled manpower. Programs like this are helping recent graduates to think and shape their careers in the Information Technology sectors. “It is disappointing that Nepali IT Students are not realizing the opportunity in the country and going abroad”. He said, adding “I would really feel proud if I can make the bridge connecting those students to the real world.”

For Instance,

We don’t have to go very far, let’s see India; India has good Information Technology companies and the education system is quite nice. 3.1 million students graduates from great IT colleges there. As a result, only 55% are tagged as employable.

There is a word called “Employable” which means after graduation they are eligible of getting a job immediately. Nepal is lacking “Employable” graduates with the same mindset in this Information Technology sector. In a nutshell, we also have room for Innovative and Brillant Business Ideas says, Mr.Bhandari.

Apart from this, as a visionary, he aspires to motivate people, unleash innovation and creativity, and revitalize the growth of the Information Technology Sector here in Nepal. In other words, these are insights of leaders who every day must find ways to test and validate new ideas, implement change to improve the bottom line, and ultimately focus on the core ideas that will truly reshape the Nation.

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