Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS

Send Bulk SMS to Reconnect with your Customers

SMS is a simple and precise text message which is more cost-effective and requires less human effort to execute. It is undoubtedly one of the powerful tools to stay connected with customers and not lose them in long run. You can send Bulk SMS at competitive rates to reconnect and engage with your customers using Swift Technology’s Web portal.

Yes, the pandemic has severely affected all business operations leading some of them to shut down. Now as the situation is getting decent, many businesses foresee reviving their operations and stabilize in the business market. Therefore, to achieve this, businesses need to reconnect with their customers and SMS is the perfect tool.

There are different tactics to leverage SMS and reconnect with the customers. Some of the approaches discussed in this article can lead businesses to bounce back in the game.

Here are some tips to reconnect and engage with customers through Bulk SMS:

  • Discount and Offers
    You can use Bulk SMS and update your customers about discounts and offers. It has been a long holiday due to pandemic and might your customers have forgotten that you exist in the respective market. Therefore, you can send special codes or offers through SMS. This makes it easy for you to reconnect and engage with your customers. 
  • Product Offerings
    You have added a new product line to the cart. You know what your customers need but it might turn into vain if they are not aware. Send Bulk SMS and update them through SMS about your new product offerings. It’s a proven technique to generate leads and make your customers stop by your store.
  • Personalized Campaigns
    You can send personalized messages and information about your new product. Our web portal allows you to send dynamic messages to your targeted customers effortlessly.
  • Well Wishes
    Customers feel prioritized and cared for when they receive surprise gifts, coupons cards, well wishes. Well wishes and thank you’s for their support and loyalty can take you the extra mile. Customers need to know that they are appreciated and valued, and sending SMS helps to keep that attention alive.
  • Reminders
    Send reminder messages to your targeted audience when you have planned for an event, workshop, seminar, meeting, etc. Reminders help to increase customer footfalls, queries and build engagement.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged the whole well-being of business practices around the world. Companies irrespective of size and investment are in dilemma whether to push forward their marketing budget or not. Due to this harsh situation, companies are forced to cut down capital and labor resources, ultimately affecting their overall plan. However, companies always look forward to leveraging social media platforms, which is undeniably one of the core marketing strategies around the globe. Whereas, Bulk SMS allows you to get connected with your customers any time you want and at a very low cost.

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