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Holi Celebration at Swift

Holi is also known as the “festival of colors” is a popular Hindu festival that is celebrated in the month of spring every year with high spirits and great enthusiasm. A day of colors, water guns, and a day to set aside all differences and celebrate.

People all over Nepal celebrate the occasion of Holi with colors smearing and spraying at each other, singing and dancing. It is a day to memorize.

आयो है होलि! खेलों है मन खोली !

Swift Technology

Why Holi is celebrated?

The celebration symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship with each other as all come in one place to celebrate this festival of colors. It also symbolizes that Holi is celebrated for the betterment of the lives of loved ones also to save them from the shadow of evil. The day marks the victory of good over evil.

Likewise with the energy, Swift also celebrated Holi in the office premises. It was celebrated in the open parking area of the office. There was no doubt that the participation in this event is going to be huge, our Swiftians would never miss such an opportunity to play with colors. Whether it’s work or fun games, our Swiftians know how to pour the right color at the right moment.

Moreover, every office has a set of people working from different cast, cultures, or religions, and mindsets. With all these differences, Swiftians come together to celebrate this festival of colors, Holi.

On this Colourful Day, the day started with the hustle and bustle of a normal working day. Later in the afternoon, the event started with fun and interactive games and exchanging greetings with each other.

The color used for Holi has its own significance. The Red symbolizes love and fertility, yellow matches the color of the natural remedy turmeric, green is for spring, blue is for Krishna and other colors symbolizes fun.

Holi is not only a festival especially when you’re playing it at your office!. We also work hard as a team and we play hard as a team importantly when it comes to the festival we even party harder. At Swift, we believe having fun officially is important and it highly boosts the bonding amongst teammates. The color fest this year was absolutely fun.

Photoshoot; posing with the colored face added a different style to our Swiftains.

Don’t forget the music and dance ! – Here is our Holi playlist

Games | Food | Dance special mantra to celebrate holi.

Smiles all over the faces, everyone singing, and dancing, vibing with the mood, It was a perfect day to remember as a Swiftian.

May the shines of this Holi brighten the path towards progress and continued success.

Happy Holi from Swift Family.

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