Technology Trends

Emerging Technology Trends you need to know in 2021

It’s no doubt that technology advancement around the world is evolving at a rapid pace. It is changing the way we work, communicate, socialize, keep track of our health and many more. A drastic change in the technological spectrum has its own significant impact on every industry worldwide. Also, for our daily activities to be more effective and productive, most of us undoubtedly rely on technology. That’s why it has become a compulsion for us to update ourselves with the emerging technology trends.

It is worthy to get updated in recent technology trends to keep our unique stand in the competitive market. Let’s find out some of the emerging technology trends you need to know in 2021:

  • Cognitive Technology
    Well, we have all heard about Siri or Google Alexa or any voice assistant function on our mobile phones. Given these simple examples, we can easily create a picture in our minds what exactly cognitive technology refers to. Cognitive technology is a field of computer science, a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It imitates human cognitive behaviors like planning, reasoning, decision-making, etc.

    Some of the cognitive technologies to keep an eye on are Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Robotics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis. Industries from health care, media and entertainment, automotive, banking, retail, travel and hospitality and many more can gain competitive advantage in their respective field by leveraging cognitive technology.

    Some common examples of Cognitive Technology are Facebook showing related Ads in your timeline when you searched for similar things on Google, Voice assistant/search features on your mobile device, etc.
  • Blockchain Technology
    Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency is the first thing that pops up in our head when we hear someone say Blockchain technology. Well, cryptocurrencies are part of Blockchain technology but the hype of Bitcoin is so disruptive and intense that it has become synonymous with Blockchain.

    Blockchain technology is a recent and hot topic all over the world. The concept and mechanism of Blockchain might be vague and hard to understand. In simple words, it is a decentralized digital ledger across the entire network of computer systems, consensus-driven, doesn’t require any third party to oversee or validate transactions and keeps track of any transaction, each transaction is unalterable making them highly secure.

    Blockchain technology implies both financial and non-financial sectors. The concept is widely applicable in various fields such as supply chain and logistics, healthcare, media, advertisements etc.
  • Internet of Things
    Internet of Things is any physical device apart from traditional laptops and computers that are connected to the internet or available network, collect and share data in real-time using embedded sensors. IoT is rapidly growing terminology and its implications have allowed us to ease our daily work activities, keep track of required things ultimately saving our energy, time and cost.

    Smart Home, Smart Cities, Wearables, Connected Cars are some of the real-life applications of IoT.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is the upcoming popular trend that has flourished its popularity and is anticipated to continue in long run. When it comes to these two advances, Virtual Reality (VR) is concerned with creating an accurate environment of the physical world utilizing computer advances, whereas Augmented Reality (AR) is concerned with upgrading the environment utilizing computer-generated components.

    Virtual Reality creates a real environment, which is perceived through a device known as Virtual Reality Headset. It is a computer-generated realistic environment, such as in video games where users immerse themselves as one of the characters. On the other hand, Augmented Reality involves the enhancement of real world through the use of digital visual elements that are highly interactive.
  • 5G
    5G is the next huge leap in technology and the successor to 4G technology. 5G is the fifth-generation wireless technology expected to change the way we live and work. It definitely is faster than the previous cellular networks whereas the connection of IoT devices with better connectivity, high speed, low latency, greater bandwidth 5G’s possibilities are limitless.

    Fifth Generation networks are expected to be 10 times faster than 4G LTE and might reach 100 times as per experts. The download speed of 2 hr. movie will be achieved in around 10 seconds compared to 7 minutes with 4G.

Although there are more emerging technology trends to watch in 2021, the mentioned trends will suffice our know-how of important technology trends of 2021. Staying updated on the latest trends gives us a better understanding of emerging technologies. Industries including BFIs, Healthcare, Education, eCommerce, Hospitality, Agriculture and many more have adopted the changing technological trends. A better understanding of these trends could make us a competitive candidate in the respective industry.