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Introduction to Fastbank – Advanced Digital Banking Solution

Today, Digital Banking modality is at pace, where banks and financial institutions are becoming more prone to providing banking services through every digital channel possible. Banks and financial institutions today focus on enhancing customer experience and provide real-time banking services to their customers. Many IT companies in Nepal are actively working on developing digital banking solutions to ease the banking processes through automation. One of the emerging and leading IT companies Swift Technology is also primarily focusing on developing the best digital banking solution in Nepal. Swift Technology developed a comprehensive and advanced digital banking solution – Fastbank to meet modern customer’s banking expectations. This digital banking solution served as a single access point for all customers to get banking services at any time and from any location.

Fastbank, one of the leading Digital Banking Solutions in Nepal offers 24/7 accessibility to the bank account through Mobile and Web Applications. The exclusive use of the Omnichannel model allows customers to simultaneously access banking products and services such as Inter and Intra Bank Fund Transfers, View Statements and account balance, Bill Payments, Top Up, and many more.  

This ultimate Digital Banking Solution facilitates end-to-end banking services to Customers. Users can enjoy consistent user interface and interaction from both mobile and internet banking platforms. Similarly, the adoption of Native mobile applications greatly improves the application’s reliability, increases customer satisfaction, and drives customer engagement with the bank.

The digital adoption over conventional paper method banking has enabled BFIs to deliver banking services more conveniently. This helped banks to achieve a less paper banking approach and reduce counter footfalls. Advanced technology and widespread access to the internet have also helped both banks and customers to access banking products and services remotely.

Focus Areas of Fastbank

Fastbank prominently focuses on satisfying end-customer usage and ease back admin operations. Customers need more flexibility and easy to go with applications to complete their banking transactions. Likewise, the back-office resources require automation over the manual processes to optimize cost and time.

Fastbank stands apart as one of the competitive mobile and internet banking platforms in Nepal.

  • Omnichannel
    The implication of Omnichannel module has significantly helped both customers and back-office admins to win over time and operational costs. Omnichannel adoption helped users to log in to Mobile and Web Applications with a single user name and password. Whereas, back office admins can easily set up any requirements and features of mobile and internet banking simultaneously.
  • Exceptional UI/UX
    Fastbank offers enchaned user interface and experience across all digital channels. The UX/UI Design of Fastbank application improves the user experience and customer satisfaction that ultimately helps increase the number of users.
  • Back Office
    Fastbank’s back-office module offers a strong set of automated features like Dynamic Charge Module, Dynamic Menu Management, Automated Reconciliation Module, Dynamic charge Module( RCCD) and many more.

Digital Banking Solution that meets Modern Customer’s expectations

Technological advancement and innovation are reshaping the banking industry. These forces are changing the paper method banking to a less paper banking approach. Therefore, Banks and financial institutions are taking advantage of these changing periphery and customers are seeking modern solutions to getting every banking service in real-time. So, digital banking solutions as Fastbank, one of the concrete solution is developed by Swift Technology that caters to modern banking problems.

With the implementation of Fastbank, banks and customers can achieve a new and advanced level of banking experience.

  • Self-Service Banking
    Fastbank helps to position your bank at the center of your banking customer’s lives.
  • Customizable Brand
    Offers intuitive UI/UX and fully customizable branding according to your vision and needs.
  • Self-Registration from Web and Mobile
    Self onboarding feature within few minutes. Convenient multi factor authentication and submission of required documents.
  • Mobile Banking App for iOS and Android
    The adoption of Native mobile applications greatly improves realiability, improves customers satisafaction and engagement. Customers can manage their finances anytime and from any location.
  • Remote Account Opening, Deposits, Card Request etc.
    Support for digital processing for account opening, fixed deposit, loan, cheque and statement request etc.
  • Abundant Transactions
    Inter and Intra bank fund transfers, various bill payments, tickets booking, mobile wallet deposits, QR payments and many more.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
    Biometrics, PIN, OTP for log in and transactions validation.
  • Alerts and Notifications
    Increase customer engagement with customized push notifications, SMS, and alerts. Connect with our team to get detailed information about Fastbank.

Connect with our Team

Fastbank is the competitive and best digital banking solution for BFIs and banking customers. BFIs can benefit from the source code provided by Swift Technology and enhance the application as required. You can get full access and control of your customer data. With Fastbank, customers get real-time access to every banking service.

Connect with our team and schedule a demo to get detailed information about Fastbank.

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