Contract Signing Between Swift and SendMN
Core Remittance System

Agreement between Swift Technology and SendMN

Swift Technology signed an agreement with SendMN, a Mongolia-based International Money Transfer Solutions Company, on the 23rd of April 2020 to deliver Cross Border Remittance Core System. Swift Technology has been providing sublime and highly secured Cross Border Remittance System to the clients in Nepal and most of the Asian countries and SendMN Team duly recognized Swift Technology for its need of developing a high standard and secure remittance system that could help the company to expand its business horizons.

Inherited with the nomadic culture and diverse territory, the country boomed its economy through the mining sector and increased migration flows. Bordered by two of the largest economies in the world Russia and China, SendMN chose a Nepal-based Software Company to achieve and manage their remittance flow with the help of the world standard remittance system. SendMN with a team so fanatic about software products and eager to find a solution to the cheapest and easiest way of international money transfer services, the company agreed with Swift Technology as their idle and comprehensive remittance system solution partner. SendMN founded in 2016 today allows its customers to make money transfers to more than 170 countries and more than 400,000 agents in just 10 minutes using their mobile phones.

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