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Fastremit: Money Transfer System and Solution

What is Fastremit?

Fastremit is the advanced, fast, safe, and low-cost Money Transfer System and Solution. The system caters remittance and money transfer needs of customers both domestically and internationally. Fastremit allows you to Send Money to your family, friends, and loved ones back home effortlessly and securely. With a well-equipped and strong backend and frontend system, Fastremit facilitates every money transfer business worldwide.

This ultimate Money Transfer Solution facilitates end-to-end remittance solutions to Individual Customers, Corporates and Financial Institutions. Likewise, the front end allows users with easy access, secure login, and instant fund transfer in different countries along with added exceptional features.

Fastremit, one of the leading Money Transfer Solutions in Nepal offers 24/7 processing capabilities through Web and Mobile Applications. You can instantly access the features of Multi-Bank and Multi currencies Transfers, Seamless Integration with any MTOs, Service Charge and Commission, Foreign Exchange Module, Anti-Money Laundering Module, and many more.

Despite customers getting real-time solutions of remittance services, Fastremit supremely facilitates the back office admin with sublime features. You can enjoy features such as real-time fund settlement, dynamic reporting, user monitoring, block/cancel a transaction, a credit management system, etc.

Fastremit Incorporation

In 2013, Swift Technology Developed and Deployed the Core Remittance System. Recognizing the vital essence of remittance and money transfer solutions and their reach to rural outskirts, the company carried out robust research on how one compact and secure system can address and solve the money transfer problems of millions in real-time. The ultimate solution was Fastremit – Core Remittance System, a highly secured and reliable money transfer system and solution. The system mitigates the remittance and money transfer hassles of the diverse groups of people inside and outside of the country.

Nepal’s leading remittance company IME Ltd. secures its position as the leading Remittance Company in Nepal. IME Ltd. is the first Remittance Company to incorporate Fastremit as their Core Remittance System. It is Nepal’s only remittance company to reach every corner of the country and build trust in money transfers and digital payments.

With the extensive flow of remittance nationally and globally, customers seek more secure, fast, and reliable money transfer solutions. Fastremit, an ultimate solution to money transfer needs is also well acknowledged in most of Asian countries. Remittance service providers in Nepal and overseas can generate prominent customer value with the help of Fastremit.

Highly Recognized Remittance Companies integrated with Fastremit as the Core Remittance System:

  • International Money Express (IME) – Nepal
  • Global Money Express (GME) – Nepal
  • Global Money Express (GME) – South Korea
  • Japan Money Expres (JME) – Japan
  • Eco Remit – Japan
  • SendMN – Mongolia

Fastremit Modules and Features

Both Domestic and International Remittance becomes quick and easy with Swift Technology’s Fastremit System. The system offers a wide range of features that makes domestic and international money transfer more sound and secure.

Let’s have a quick look at Fastremit Portals:

  • Admin Portal
    Fastremit offers the finest admin portal that offers a wide range of features. Admin users get admin user setup, customer management, agent user setup, admin and agent role setup, Send/Pay commission and charge setup, AML and compliance module, foreign exchange setup, etc.
  • Agent Portal
    Agent Portal offers the user with Send/Pay Module, Modification and Cancel Request, View Statement of Accounts, Agent Related Reports, and many more.
  • Customer Portal (Web and Mobile)
    Mobile and Web Application makes it convenient for customers to send money back home. One can get all the features of the money transfer process with Fastremit’s Mobile and Web Application.
    • Signup with the email, verify KYC, receive wallet number, link back account, request for a new password, etc.
    • Send money to the desired destination
    • Payment Modes – mobile wallet deposit, bank deposit, cash payment
    • View exchange rates
    • View transaction reports and wallet statement
    • Cancel or Modify transaction
    • View nearby branch
    • Get customer support
    • Edit user profile
    • Withdraw wallet balance to bank account

Core Features of Fastremit

Cross Border Remittance becomes more convenient and secure with Swift Technology’s Fastremit – Remittance and Money Transfer Solution. A wide variety of features enables the digital transfer of remittance in real-time.

  • Send/Pay Module:
    This is a feature to send and receive cash transactions using different channels: web and mobile application for customers and API for partners. Customers can send and receive through Bank, Wallet, and nearby agents.
  • Service Fee and Commission:
    Admin users can setup agent, partner, and country-wise service charges and commissions The setups can also be customized and modified.
  • Accounting Module:
    Fastremit is a flexible system that offers an integrated accounting system.
  • Exchange Rate and Treasury
    FX rate setup based on agents’ country and the base currency is integrated into the system. Based on the exchange rate and currency used by the partner, the exchange treasury setup can be done considering the margin.

Along with the digital transformation and widespread practice of digital transactions, Fastremit best serves every customers’ money transfer needs. Moreover, the system is highly reliable, scalable, and follows world-standard security practices. The system allows customers to get all the remittance services in real-time without the hassle to visit brick and mortar services.

With Fastremit, you can get the best experience of money transfer systems and solutions. Connect with our team of experts to get more information about Fast Remit’s system, features, and pricing offers.

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